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Lower branch

In the lower branch of the game tree, "chat" is chosen by the system. If the user responds with "chat", the state is expected to drift towards bel(have-seat) being false and intend(window-seat) being false, since these are both explanations for the user deciding to chat. This change would be made by the dry-land algorithm. If the user responds with ask, the system responds with give (since its base belief is that it does have a window seat), then both beliefs are set to 1 by precondition inference, with the decaying average possibly moving across the decision surface. Starting at the point [0.5,0.5], the user chose chat, resulting in belief revision by the dry-land algorithm to: p(intend(window-seat)) = 0.486 for the system's belief about the user and p(bel(have-seat)) = 0.321 for the system's belief about the user's belief about the system.

bmceleney 2006-12-19