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Input file format

The syntax of the planner's input file is now specified using Backus Naur Form notation.

<input-file> ::= <belief-model> <costs> <reward> <seed>

<belief-model> ::= belief-model(<agent-name>,[<levels>]).

<levels> ::= <level>

<levels> ::= <level> , <levels>

<level> ::= nesting_level(<level-number>,[<beliefs>])

<beliefs> ::= <belief>

<beliefs> ::= <belief>, <beliefs>

<belief> ::= p(<proposition>,<probability>)

<proposition> ::= decomp(<act>,<childlist>)

<proposition> ::= intend(<proposition>)

<proposition> ::= bel(<proposition>)

<proposition> ::= <identifier>

<costs> ::= <cost>

<costs> ::= <cost> <costs>

<cost> ::= utility(<act>,<real>).

<reward> ::=  any prolog function mapping a <plan> to a <real>.
              often a constant

<seed> ::= seed_root(<act>).

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