Dr Bryan McEleney


Here's a game I made to learn about wireframe computer graphics and 3d rendering. It's a two player networked 3d game where the goal is to collect more red diamonds than the other player. There is also a chill-out moon where you can dock if the gameplay is too intense.

To Play

Download and unzip the archive here.

Install python on two computers.

For single player mode, type "python spacewar.py". For two player ( much more fun ) type "python spacewar.py -s" if you are the server or "python spacewar.py 192.168.1.{whatever}" if you are the client. You need to get the server ip number

There are depedencies on certain libraries, you may need "pip install {libraryname}"

Keys are: [up, down, left, right] - turn ( also use the mouse). [w,a,s,d]- accerate, brake, rotate. h - point to home planet. t - point to opponent. left-ctrl - type a chat line and press return