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Microserf? Look into free software

How to make websites If you know how to code a webpage in HTML ( it's easy to learn basic HTML ), Nearly Free Speech is good for hosting a website and setting up a domain name. Convenient tools such as Weebly aren't much use, as they do not give direct access to the HTML code. By coding directly in HMTL, you have permanent ownership of your website. HTML is a standardised language, so you or your friends are free to modify the code in any way you like, and to host the website wherever you like. To see how easy HTML is, try your browser's "View source" command to see the HTML code for this webpage.

Web Surfing -

The British Library UK Web Archive is a permanent archive of websites in the ".uk" domain. Many web documents are deleted over time, so the web archive will be an important resource for historians in the future. It is also categorised so that sites can be found by area of interest.

Electronics - Java circuit simulator applet. I tried to design some periodic circuits to make some musical tones with this, but failed. Fun anyway.

Online Lecture Videos - MIT Free Online Course Materials. Free university course lectures from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Email Service Fastmail. I pay 20 euro per year for this comprehensive email service. For that I can synchronise my email from any email client via IMAP, or from their web client. If I had my own domain name for my email addresses, Fastmail can receive email for those addresses too.

Audio Player - cmus is a simple but powerful, lightweight ncurses audio player.

Jeng@ guide website here