Bryan McEleney

Articles and Projects

Computer Science / Software Development

Improve Swype's recognition accuracy with a category-based language model

Rapidly Developing Web Applications in PHP

Artwork Catalogues on the Web

Web Services with AJAX and PHP

PHP Client Stub for Microsoft Azure Bing Machine Translation API

Statistical Proofreading?

PSMT - Statistical machine translation in Prolog

Green Noise

Running SQLite 2 in Ubuntu 12.04

Mobile Internet ( WWAN ) for thinkpad x200s with linux


Allotment Vegetable Growing for Desk Jockies

Brasilian Food - Feijoada

Apple Upside Down Cake

Beetroot and Lentil Salad

Other Articles

SpectEmu Sinclair Spectrum Emulator

Are dishwashers a waste of money?

The Lake Isle of Inishfree - Em Portuguese

How to make a lightweight sleeping bag

Homemade solar power system

Comparing Insulation - Polyester Batting or Polyester Fleece